Whispers In The Dark: a blog by Star

Entry 1 - Making a blog.

  As of writing, the site looks pretty awful. Deep red background and white text, very basic. But hey, it's something. I think this is gonna be cool. Getting to write down whatever I feel like, for whatever wayward internet wanderer to explore. I kinda wanna figure out what to call people who look at my website. Wanderers? Adventurers? Pioneers? Hm. Stargazers. That's it.

  So, hello, Stargazers! Welcome to this quiet corner of the world.

  Honestly, as of late, I haven't been doing that well. I've hardly been able to make any art, I'm slowly falling behind in school, and I'm scared about my relationships with people. I'll get past it, but it's a scary time. ████ has been doing pretty poorly too, but we're here for each other where we can be. I'm hoping to get through the last bit of this semester and work over the summer, but we'll see. It's raining right now, or at least it was, so I'm gonna grab my umbrella and head out on a late night walk. It doesn't rain often here, so I want to see the world as it looks right now.

  Thanks for reading my first blog post, my constellation. I know I said I would call you Stargazers, but constellation feels more personal, and I love the endearing aspect of it. Also, the constellations look down on us from a place we'll never quite reach, but we'll always know is there ♥

☆ Have a wonderful night ☆