Whispers In The Dark: a blog by Star

Entry 3 - Replying to guest book messages #1.

  Hello, my constellation!

  If you are not already aware, I have a guest book accessible from the main page where you can leave messages, anonymous or not. I've recieved 5 so far, (not including the one I left for myself) and here I intend to reply to them!

  Message 1, from "clemb" (she/her, message left 4/1/2024, 9:08AM PDT)

Thanks for the riveting and intriguing message!! Left me on the edge of my couch cushion. (ily)

  Message 2, from "mabel" (message left 4/1/2024, 2:35PM PDT, France)
"yeah !!"

Yeah!! Not sure who left this one, but yeah !!

  Message 3, from "Angel" (she/her, message left 4/2/2024, 8:53AM PDT)
"I hope ur doing well"

Thanku Angel. I know I've hardly talked to you lately but I promise I haven't forgotten about you. I just don't really know what to talk about- I'm hanging in there though, staying safe ♥

  Message 4, from "Willow" (she/her, message left 4/2/24, 11:15PM PDT, United States)
",mewow !, : 3"

Little kitty critters when the challenge is to not use abhorent punctuation.

  Message 5, from "Teehee" (???, message left 4/6/2024, 10:42AM PDT)
"Let it be known, your successes are inevitable"

If this is who I think it is, then the wording checks out. Reguardless, thank you for the encouragement. I'd like to think me creative endeavors aren't just going to be silly little side projects forever.

  Well, those are all of the messages in my guest book at the time of writing. You can leave one via the link on the home page, even if you've already left one before. It's cool seeing people leave me little notes, even if they're just nonsense or from people who I have no idea who it is. Anyways, until next time, my constellation.

☆ Have a wonderful night ☆