Whispers In The Dark: a blog by Star

Entry 4 - End of the Semester.

  Hello, my constellation.

  As I'm rounding out the end of this semester, I find myself falling behind on certain responsibilities. Things have been stressful and being unmedicated has NOT been helping, but thus far, I've managed mostly unscathed. It's hard not to just give up some days, but besides my lack of option to really do so, I also have so many things to look forward to overall.

  One of those things being the glass beach concert this Thursday. I'm super excited to go, and a bunch of my friends are going too. I know █████ is going unfortunately, but I've been warming up to him so it's not actually that big of a deal. ████ and I are probably gonna try and hang out a bit afterwards, so that'll be nice. ██████ is gonna be there and having not seen her since that thing in high school, it'll be nice to finally see each other in person. Got plans to get a hug from her.

  Otherwise, it's just pushing through to the end of the semester. It's hard, but I'll figure it out. Likely gonna take a break semester and come back next spring, though we'll see how I feel when the time comes.

  Wish it didn't have to be so hard to put things out there in the world, but it's something I've been working on, and one of the main reasons I made this website. Being able to talk to you, my constellation, has been very nice and I appreciate you being here to listen to what I say. I've found that since this website is public, I may withhold some information and topics, but I'll find some way to reveal these ideas in due time. That's all for now.

☆ Have a wonderful night ☆