Whispers In The Dark: a blog by Star

Entry 6 - The site and myself.

  Hello, my constellation! ♥

  Been a few days at least. I've been doing fairly rough, but I think I'm coming out of it. Just about done with this semester, and oh boy is it difficult, but I'm managing. Should pass all my classes with at least a B in each. I will DEFINITELY be taking a break semester. I've also got a therapist now, and they're super cool. Also there's this one little fidget trinket in their office that's like really cool I love it.

  As far as the website goes, there's a bunch of loose ends everywhere, and honestly, this is kinda just something for myself, so they very well just may stay as loose ends. If you'd like to see me continue and build on any aspect of the site, lemme know in the guest box, but otherwise, I'm just gonna do whatever I want.

  In other news, been getting back into the game Barotrauma. The new update makes it like, really really hard, but we ball. My 300 hours as captain aren't going to waste in the first biome though, that's for sure. Also managed to get a tiny bit of music made. I kinda wanna wrap up this little album project and have it be the last big release under Caramel Treat. I really want to get more into acoustic music, and that would be under a different artist name, so the sooner I can get along to that, the better I think.

  Hopefully things are going okay for you, and that life isn't treating you too unfairly. Just remember to breathe here and there, and explore where you can! I've found that geocaches are a neat thing to look into if you like exploring the world around you. That's all for today, though.

☆ Have a wonderful night ☆